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The beginning

Founded by Sean Faul and Eric Goodman, two humans with a passion for water and all of the odd and interesting things that float on it… These sailors and dreamers with complementary skills came together in 2017 to explore the potential of investing in a marina. Over several discussions and a few visits, the purpose they could uniquely serve was understood; To preserve and enhance an authentic maritime cultural touchstone. The mission of Seastar Marine was set to restore Forbes Island and use it to provide welcoming experiences on the waters of the California Delta.


Forbes island

In 2018, intentions to invest in a marina pivoted to a more limited objective, on the lucky opportunity to purchase an iconic vessel. USCG registered, Forbes Island, was for sale by the builder and owner, Forbes Thor Kiddo, retiring at 80 from a life he enjoyed, living on his island, building many floating homes in Sausalito, California and running the Forbes Island Restaurant on Pier 39 – Fisherman’s Wharf. 

Forbes Island is an iconic vessel: a floating island with rocky shoals, docks to safely tie up to, sandy paths, and its own palm tree grove. There’s a vintage diesel engine in its own small shed, a pilothouse with the ship’s wheel that can double as a serving station, decks for lounging, and a tiki room. 

The island has a captain’s stateroom, kitchen/prep area, 10 seat bar,  lounge with fireplace, space for large group gatherings, two bathrooms, a wine cellar, beautiful stained glass porthole windows, and submerged portholes for underwater viewing. Plus a lighthouse. It’s simply amazing! 

It was once an extravagant private residence and then a highly rated restaurant on the San Francisco waterfront. Now, we are giving it a new life where you can enjoy it again or for the first time, in the beautiful waters of the California Delta at Holland Riverside Marina. 

2018 - 2019


Seastar Marine is awed by the mission we have had the good fortune to accept, and humbled by the responsibility to steward this vessel so the next generation can enjoy it.  We raised equity to complete the acquisition and fund startup costs. A small core group of investors have taken the risk to acquire a unique piece of California history, and have demonstrated a commitment to renewing the economic viability of Forbes Island. They understand the long term goal to create a network of welcoming water lifestyle properties.

Please shop our store to help fund the restoration work! 

2019 - 2020

making it real

Seastar Marine Holding Corporation owns, maintains and leases property assets, manages subsidiary operations, consults for other businesses, and invests. Our focus is on adding value to marinas, waterfront vacation property, floating homes, houseboats, and other naval relics on North America’s West Coast. We would love to help you develop plans to host revenue-generating recreational activities.

Seastar Marine is developing a unique and authentic maritime brand with original artwork. Logo designs and other copyright works are featured on quality merchandise available in our online retail store

At Present


Long-term, we seek to leverage our investment to grow a portfolio of income-producing assets with diversified risk exposures, but having similar needs for management and maintenance that fit the skills of the team we are building.

We believe in equal rights, equal opportunity, and affirmative action to create more equitable outcomes. Our culture is to work hard, play hard, do it now, choose wisely, be honest and artistically express love, inclusion, humility, respect, dignity, compassion, and joy through our work and interactions.

We are proud to partner with many other amazing companies. Reach out if you want to do business with us!

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